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Cochis Advanced Muti-Cleaning Services LLC offers quality cleaning services for office buildings, schools, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. Our deligent advanced multi-cleaning and maintenance services set us apart from other cleaning companies and saves you lots in fines!.
We offer Competative customer prices and excellent customer service that will make you stay with us!.
  1. Commercial Cleaning Services
    Coshis Offer Advanced Expert Commercial Cleaning Services
    Building Maintenance and Cleaning Services Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Services Carpet Steam Cleaning & Shampooing Floor Stripping & Waxing Medical Practice / Facility Cleaning Stone Floor Restoration & Maintenance Window Cleaning (Low-Rise only) Steam Power Washing
  2. Kitchen Inspection,Cleaning and Certification Services
    Coshis Offer Advanced Expert Cleaning Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning & Certification Services based on the standards set by NFPA 96.
    Our technicians will clean your system down to bare metal, the hood, up-ducts, down-ducts, horizontal ducts, fan blades, motors, and access panels. All grease and waste is removed from your restaurant and is disposed of. A current sticker of Certification is placed on each hood upon completion of service, visible to inspectors from the Fire Department, Health Department, and insurance companies. we also provide deep cleaning services for kitchens and kitchen equipment, able to remove years of accumulated build-up.We can come in and clean all equipment, floors, and walls.
  3. Construction Cleaning Services
    Coshis Offer Advanced Expert Post Construction Cleaning Services that will keep your home or office clean and safe. Most construction materials are powerful chemicals that are harmful to our health and only expert cleaning services like us can do it.
    We remove all glue, stickers, paint and dust Clean all debris and dust from the construction works Detail clean all interior glass and mirrors Remove any paint, plaster or other items from floors and walls Sweep, mop and disinfect all tile and wood flooring Double deep vacuum all carpeted areas Clean,Sanitize and Polish all showers, sinks, tubs and toilets Clean and hand vacuum all furniture Scrubbing, vacuuming and stain removal services Containers are available if required.
  4. Junk Removal and Recycling
    At Cochis,we load, haul and dispose of your unwanted Junk & Trash for a fee. We provide this service for Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers as a one time job or on a continuing basis.
    From your home to office and companies,we are there with our expert Junk removal Team. We take pride in recycling or donating over 70% of what we pick up from our customers. Some of the items we recycle include: HOME APPLIANCES ,OFFICE EQUIPMENT,HOUSE WARES,ELECTRONICS,PAPERS ETC We offer Junk removal and Cleaning as a package service and save you lots of money!
"Cochis Where Only The Best is Good Enough"